Trolleys, baskets and pallet systems.

Practical and versatile solutions

Our products are used daily in many internal and external logistics processes to
support picking, transport and warehousing of goods.


We are one of the largest manufacturers of logistical trolleys, baskets and pallet
systems in Poland.

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Braun Intralogistics


Braun intralogistics is a leading manufacturer of intra logistic products with over 15
years experience.
We have developed a range of versatile and built-to last products for performing
everyday tasks for transporting, storing and picking merchandise.
We complement our standard range with personalized products tailored to our
client’s requirements.

Intralogistics made easy:
Benefit from cost-effective and practical intra logistics solutions made in robust
quality and highly durable.
From handy trolleys using maintenance-free castors for preparing an order,
through highly stable and practical roller baskets to securely transport small parts
to built-to last pallet systems to safely transport and store bulky merchandise
under time pressure using forklifts, we offer the right product for your needs.

Logistical companies

We are proud to be the supplier of some of the biggest players in the freight forwarding, logistics and parcel delivery markets, who are satisfied with the daily performance of our products in a tough environment.

Products for food retailers

Our products also meet the stringent requirements of the food industry and have won the trust of some of the major brands in the food retailer industry.


Our products are built to last with exemplary quality of manufacture and comfort.
Our solutions are designed to perform everyday tasks in your logistic circuit to
exceed your expectations.
We offer a 2 year’s guarantee on all of our products.


All our products are manufactured in our factory in the heart of Europe following
reliable production schedules.
We offer reliable and speedy delivery using direct road freight forwarding to all
destinations in Europe.


We offer the possibility of overhauling your fleet of trolleys and pallet systems.
That includes all measures to eliminate damage to your logistical equipment that
(may) impair its use in order to maximize the life of your assets.


Our range of robust and versatile solutions for order picking, transportation and
storing optimizes logistic processes and contributes to the safe and secure flow of
your merchandise.
Benefit from our cost-effective logistic solutions.

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BRAUN Intralogistics offers you:

Excellent value for money

Our products are versatile, robust and durable.
They have been developed to perform everyday tasks in a logistic circuit under tough conditions.


We complement our standard offer with personalized products tailored to the special needs and requirements of our clients.


We can overhaul your fleet of trolleys and pallet systems to maximize the life of your logistical assets.